Questions about Saving Your Business Money eBook

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What format is Saving Your Business Money eBook?

It’s currently available in Portable Document Format (PDF), which works on virtually all devices.

In 2017 it is planned to include ePub and Mobi formats. Once this is rolled out, previous editions will also be converted and a notification email sent out.

Who publishes Saving Your Business Money eBook?

It’s published by ERS Web Solutions Ltd. Registered in England & Wales, company no: 08535689. Registered address 17 Ashwood Drive, Chesham, Bucks. HP5 2HX.

How much does the Saving Your Business Money eBook cost?

It costs £10 £8, including where applicable EU VAT on Digital Goods. VAT is not currently chargeable within the UK on digital goods.

There are often coupons for Saving Your Business Money books at the ERS Web Solutions website and the ERS Web Solutions Facebook page.

If you are buying more than ten copies in a single transaction there is a discount. The amount of discount can be seen in the Prices table.

What’s the licence for Saving Your Business Money?

There is a separate page for all the legal stuff, terms and conditions etc including the Licence.

Is Saving Your Business Money eBook available on Kindle?

We are planning for all copies from the Autumn 2017 edition to be available on Kindle. Recent Kindles including Paperwhite can read PDF format.

What if I’m not happy with my copy of Saving Your Business Money?

You have sixty days from the purchase date to get a full refund. Once you have had a refund, you must delete all those copies of Saving Your Business Money you got a refund for and delete any of the bonus free items you have downloaded with it.

How can I pay for Saving Your Business Money book?

Currently you can pay using PayPal. If you wish to pay using cheque or bank transfer let us know via the contact form.

You should only select Manual Payment if you have been asked to use Manual Payment.

Payment by PayPal uses a secure connection (SSL), your password, card detail etc are kept safe.

What customer details do you keep?

In order to comply with the EU sale of digital goods and rules that came into effect in January 2015 VAT has to be charged based on the buyer’s country of residence.

To comply with this law ERSWS has to collect two separate proofs of the buyer’s location. So we use the billing address country from PayPal and the customer’s IP Address.

Goods purchased, customer email, purchase date, purchase time, PayPal address, transaction code and any coupon code used are kept so that customer queries can be dealt with. It also allows for a new download link to be automatically generated at any point after purchase. ERS Web Solutions do not keep any bank detais, credit card numbers etc.

At ERS Web Solutions all customer information is securely held and not sold or shared with any person or organisation.

Do you give free copies to charities?

Please get in touch via the Contact Form, all free copies for charities of Saving Your Business Money are decided on a case by case basis by Saving Your Business Money author Elliott Rodgers. Both ERS Web Solutions Ltd and Elliott Rodgers are keen on helping charities which support those who are starting their own business.

What about free copies for reviewers or journalists?

Journalists, bloggers etc should get in touch via the Contact Form with details on where they are from.

Can I send in a review?

Please get in touch via the Contact Form with your review and we’ll look at including it on site. Reviews should be in English, around a couple of paragraphs and have something worthwhile to say. Simply saying “I loved this book” or “Didn’t find it helpful at all” is not enough. Sharing how you saved money thanks to Saving Your Business Money eBook is especially useful and gives us a warm glow. Remember to include how you would like to be referenced including a link if you want one, eg: Jo Blogs, Blogs Widgets Ltd. We are especially interested in reviews from sole traders, one man bands, small business owners and start ups.

Which businesses can benefit from the advice in Saving Your Business Money?

Any business can benefit but sole traders, one man bands, small business owners and start ups will find Saving Your Business Money especially helpful. Some chapters are specifically intended for a UK business.

Is there a free sample?

A free sample of Saving Your Business Money is available to download, featuring the first three chapters Domain Names and Hosting, Free Office Software and URL Shorteners.

You may share the free sample book either as an eBook or paper copy but not charge for this or host it for download without permission.

When do updates come out?

Normally around April and October. The second edition was delayed due to Elliott Rodgers, Saving Your Business Money’s author, having another fall at home and hurt his leg and back. Further complications from this and hospital treatment meant no updates were made in 2016.

Minor updates are free. We’ll e-mail all purchasers to let them know a minor update is available and then the New Download Link Form can be used to download the update. Updated versions have version numbers like 2.1, 2.2 etc. When a new edition comes out anyone who has bought a previous edition will be sent a discount voucher for 50% off. This applies even if for example you bought the second edition you will get voucher for 50% off the fourth edition.

I have spotted a spelling mistake, bad gramma or broken link in Saving Your Business Money eBook?

Please get in touch via the Contact Form with details of the error.

The first person who lets us know about a mistake it’s confirmed they get a free copy of the next edition.

Will more translations for the WP Color Spy Plugin be coming out?

WP Color Spy already comes with Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch translations. Elliott says French and Polish are coming in 2017. If you would like to translate WP Color Spy into another language please get in touch via the Contact Form.

Does the author of Saving Your Business Money eBook come and give talks?

Yes. Please get in touch via the Contact Form with where and when you would like Elliott to speak. Normally it has to be within 60 minutes travelling time of Chesham, Buckinghamshire (HP5). Elliott will need somewhere to sit or preferably wheelchair access, as mobility issues make standing difficult and painful. Talks can include talking to an audience and/or a question and answer style session.

What did you use to make the Saving Your Business Money website?

The layout was hand coded (no site builders) in HTML and CSS by Saving Your Business Money author Elliott Rodgers using Notepad++ before being converted into a WordPress theme.

The shopping cart uses WP eStore WordPress plugin with some of the free add ons; eStore Stylish Squeeze Form – shortcode [wp_eStore_ssf id=2 template=2] with customised CSS, Extra Shortcodes for WP eStore plugins. The checkout itself uses the default checkout shortcode [wp_eStore_cart] with customised CSS.

Graphical elements used in the shopping cart were custom made by Saving Your Business Money author Elliott Rodgers in Photoshop Elements.

The Modernizr Javascript Library was used so that using the latest web design methods didn’t make the site unusable by some browsers, Opera Mini and older versions of Internet Explorer and so on. This has meant the site degrades gracefully as far back as Internet Explorer 9.

However since the Saving Your Business Money website was launched Microsoft has announced an End of Support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 – so users of these browsers should upgrade asap or switch browser.