Terms and Conditions

This page contains all the legal stuff like Payment, multi item purchases and coupons; Privacy Policy and Licence etc.

Links on the Saving Your Business Money website may include affiliate links.

The law that applies to these terms and conditions shall be that of England and Wales. The terms and conditions on this page may be changed from time to time.

ERS Web Solutions Ltd

ERS Web Solutions is a Limited company registered in England and Wales, Company number 08535689. Registered Address 17 Ashwood Drive, Chesham, Bucks. HP5 2HX United Kingdom. For more information please see ERS Web Solutions’ website http://www.ersws.com.

Payment, multi item purchases and coupons

  1. Payment can be made using PayPal.
  2. Manual Payment should only be used if asked to use it by ERS Web Solutions.
  3. If you wish to pay by cheque or bank transfer please let us know.
  4. There is a 60 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your purchase. Refunds on multi item purchases are done on an equivalent individual book value.
  5. Each transaction can use a single coupon or discount, multiple coupons, sometimes referred to as coupon stacking is not allowed.
  6. On completing your multi item purchase you will be emailed a link and one coupon for 50% off.

Privacy Policy

  1. ERS Web Solutions Ltd does not share, sell or otherwise supply details to third parties except:
    1. Where a third party service is used for example Names.co.uk or PayPal. Only information that is needed for essential services and functionality is supplied.
    2. To comply with EU Digital Goods VAT regulations.
  2. Emails entered during downloading a free sample or buying Saving Your Business Money will not be used to send marketing emails or similar.
  3. When an update to an edition of Saving Your Business Money eBook is released then a notification email will be sent to the email used during checkout process. This update will be downloadable via a new download link form.
  4. ERS Web Solutions Ltd does not store, transmit or receive credit or debit cards, bank account details or other such information during the checkout process at this site.