Chapter List

The latest version of Saving Your Business Money is the Spring 2018 (Third Edition).

Now with extra chapters the third edition is packed with even more useful information than earlier editions and some new chapters.

The Free Sample includes the introduction, about the author, domain names and hosting, free office software and URL Shorteners.

Saving Your Business Money includes; how to find free fonts, free stock photos and free graphics that you can legally use in your business, useful tools and good quality free software that’s not just a limited trial including replacements for Microsoft Office and other expensive software.

Chapter List

  1. Introduction
  2. Domain Names and Hosting
  3. Free Office Software
  4. URL Shorteners
  5. Free Websites
  6. Free Graphics and Photo Editing Software
  7. Free Stock Photos, Graphics, Video and Fonts
  8. Other Free Software and Services
  9. Useful Google Tricks for Business
  10. Using IFTTT
  11. Blog Post Ideas
  12. Dropbox and Cloud Storage
  13. Free Equipment
  14. Social Media and Marketing Tools
  15. Free ways to promote your business
  16. Is Your Website Blocked?
  17. Index
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