EU Digital VAT

We are legally required under the EU Digital VAT regulations 2015 to charge VAT based on the location of who is buying it.

This is why we have to ask for country details at checkout and then work bow much VAT is to be charged. There is no standardised VAT rate for digital goods across the EU. It varies between 4% and 27%.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation while we comply with the EU Digital VAT Regulations.

Brexit – it’s not yet known what the situation will be with regard to UK and EU Digital VAT regulations.

For current VAT rates, please see table below.

Country EU Digital VAT %
Austria 20
Belgium 21
Bulgaria 20
Croatia 25
Cyprus 19
Czetch Republic 21
Denmark 25
Estonia 20
Finland 24
France 5.5
Germany 19
Hungary 27
Southern Ireland 23
Italy 4
Latvia 21
Lithuania 21
Luxembourg 17
Malta 5
Netherlands 21
Norway 0
Poland 23
Portugal 23
Roamnia 19
Slovakia 20
Slovenia 22
Sweden 25
United Kingdom 0

Values last checked 18th April 2018. Next check due 2nd May 2018.