Shopping List

This is a list of the useful items suggested in Saving Your Business Money Book with links to buy them from Amazon or elsewhere. All items have been tested, links include affiliate links.

Product Photo Soft Box Cube

I bought the LED lightbulbs so that I didn’t need to worry about the normal lightbulbs getting hot and need time to cool down.

A more professional looking photo will make a big difference. A product soft box makes this much easier. The sides of box diffuse any incoming light and act as a plain background. Some photos can be used as is. Some can benefit from backgrounds being removed using software like Photoshop, GIMP or Photoscissors.

This model folds up quickly for easy transport.

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Colour Photographic Background

This 7 in 1 colour photograph background offers various options, blue, green or white backgrounds, metallic surfaces to direct light (silver, gold or silver/gold) and translucent to diffuse light.

With a bit of practice you can quickly collapse the whole unit into it’s carry bag about the diameter of a dinner serving plate. It’s eaxy to carry in a rucksack or bag. The weight isn’t really noticeable.

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Remote Wireless Microphone

This Wireless Microphone Kit is brilliant and allows you to use the supplied clip on microphone or headset as you prefer. You can also use a different microphone if you needed to. The other half plugs into audio kit, laptop or PC. If you are plugging the remote part into a computer you will need a 6.35mm To 3.5mm Jack Plug Adaptor.

Using this kit allows you to produce better quality audio without being connected by wires to audio kit, laptop or PC. You also get both hands free. I really like the clip on microphone when chatting on Skype or Face as it feels far more natural.

If you need to edit the audio files or to improve the audio quality, Audacity is an excellent open source, free audio editor.

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